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Hi guys!

Can anyone list me the different tyres (ex dunlop, micheline etc..) and which models can be mounted on a F4 Ev03? I'll greatly appreciate any personal feedback on which is the best.

Thanks, Paolo.

P.S. ehm, yes...i have to change them...

-- Paolo (, May 27, 2003


Try Pirelli Diablos, Sticky, grippy, wet dry & track. I love them on my 2000 f4.

-- Daniel Webb (, June 11, 2003.

Thanks for your answer Daniel, i considered buying Diablos, but i know that Diablos are produced by Pirelli only with /70 front tyre (MV mounts a /65), don't you have problems mounting a /70? Other Pirelli option is Dragon Evo Corsa, but i know nobody that used them to give me a good feedback on how they are.


-- Paolo (, June 12, 2003.

Mine came stock with a Dragon Evo Corsa in the front. It's a very good tire. I found a place that still has them in stock, so I'm thinking of getting it for the front and a new Diablo Corsa for the rear (since they don't offer the Diablo Corsa in a 120/65 front).

-- Brad Cowell (, June 12, 2003.

Why do you say have them still in stock? Are the evo corsas going to be stopped in production? On the Pirelli website they are still under the current models avaiable, also i checked for the price with a dealer in Milano and they had in stock.

Pls, let me know how do you "feel" riding with the Diablo/evo corsa combo,

Ciao, Paolo.

-- Paolo (, June 12, 2003.

I just want to let every one know that I just put the new Pirrelli Diablo CORSA's on my 02 F4s and they are FANTASIC!!! The front is a 120 70 and it fits w/out rubbing the fender (it is close about 10 mil) I put around 400 miles on them this weekend and I feel they stick much better than the Dragon Corsa's it came with.

-- Chris Gordon (, July 02, 2003.


In answer to your question about the /70 on the Diablo Corsas, no problem at all. The bike handles brilliantly and turns well, the only change are the superb grip in all conditions and the positive feedback you get when riding. Never had that with the Mitchellins they replaced.

-- Dan (, July 03, 2003.

Thanks for your information! I'll be counting on it when i'll change my tyres,

Cheers, Paolo.

-- Paolo (, July 04, 2003.

which can model can enter it ?IS IT MAGAOOOOOOOOOO

-- onyeori lome (, January 28, 2005.

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