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Submit your movies to Digital Flicks!!!

I have been making shorts for years, and I found a way to show my work to an audience sizes in the thousands. I am making and showing my movies every month, but I want to see my fellow digital artists’ work, and I know that my audience does too.

Let’s get to the point. I am a producer of a cable TV show called Digital Flicks, where I show my work and work of other digital artists. It is just starting and is going well, but I am looking for more movies out there. You could have your show on the air two to three times a week for a month on the Central Coast in California, and we’re looking to expand to the northern Bay Area. Here you are guaranteed to have more viewers than any festival and it is all free to you. No kidding! 100% free!!! Website is coming soon. For more questions email me at

-- Tyrone HuFF (, May 26, 2003

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