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I'd like to replace the Oarmaster 1 in my Alden 18 with a Row Wing. Anybody have any experience with the combination? Mounting to existing hardware in the hull? Rowing suitability? Thanks!

-- Paul Lefebvre (, May 26, 2003


Paul- suitability is just fine. The geometry is right on. Attaching to the embedded Alden mounting clips is an aggravation, however. What I typically do is bond stringers parallel to the keel to accept nut plate fastenings for a stanchion kit. I make the stringers out of mahogany. Dimensions for the stringers are roughly 1"x1"x60". I mount them 10" on center. The stringers will spread the load and mitigate the 'oil-canning' problems associated with the Aldens. In an 18 you can double the length of the stringers for the single, double, or w/passenger option. Hope this helps - Gary

-- Gary Piantedosi (, May 10, 2004.

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