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Could you help me on Schindler Miconic B KA/ KS triplex system P 280 print?

I have got a problem..

Thank you.


-- raif hakyemez (r.hakyemez@superonline.com), May 25, 2003


What is the problem?

so what is it?

-- phil (phil@hotmail.com), May 26, 2003.

Is it central part or lift part?

-- sam (samang_uk@hotmail.co.uk), June 02, 2003.

It's the main processor.

-- Justin Ward (liftfixer@hotmail.com), June 03, 2003.

Yea but U got pe 280 for control of elevator and 1 for group control...so which is it..?

-- sam (samang_uk@hotmail.co.uk), June 03, 2003.

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