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So how old are most of you guys and where do you come from, occupations (dont ask whether its 20 questions) im a 15 year old from australia who knows nothing about raving tell me about it Please. drugs, alcohol, what the clubs are called, how many people are there, is there much crime there, do any people fuck, how much you have to drink etc.

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2003


What is raveing? now thats a good ? well lets see if u want a REAL reave then its a mostly likely in an old people that isnt used anymore thats turend into a club for a night, theres music i/e Techno (and if u dont know what that is then thats a hole another story) people dance with glowsticks , met new people and its on of the few places where i feel at home, no one make fun of you or judges you. you can be whoever you want to be at a rave. There's Djs most of the time more then one. People dress in bright colors (well some, kandie kids) and it go's on for most of the night. Now as for the druges the main one would be Rolls(xTc , beans whatever you want to call it) then theres aicd, and spical K . those are the ones that are mostly used while at a rave. theres so much more that i could tell you but thats just the baics. l8er- Cherry

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2003

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