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The full question I'm working on right now is, "What changes in Hamlet's state of mind and outlook do we see since his return from his abortive journey to England?" For some reason I can't seem to understand the question. I have two interpretations:

1. Compare Hamlet's mind throughout the play *before* the trip and after ------------------------------------------------------------- I have some thoughts on this. Angry, depressed [Opening scenes]-> Despondent about Denmark, but realizing Denmark isn't representative of all mankind [Talks with Polonius, Guildenstern, and Rozencrantz]-> Raging, vengeful -- yet uncertain [Ophelia - Claudius praying]-> Calm, at peace (relatively speaking, of course) [Dismissing deaths, being prepared for the coming end]

Is there anything important that I missed?

2. How does Hamlet's state of mind change throughout Act V ---------------------------------------------------------- No idea whatsover. Help!

-- Steven Law (, May 24, 2003


Sorry, formatting issues.

-- Steven Law (, May 24, 2003.

Your 1. seems definitely on the right track to me. You could add a consideration of fortune and fate - before he goes away he gets pipped off with fortune, which is indiscriminate and unfair in its handling of human affairs. After he comes back, he is reconciled with and resigned to fate and providence. Obviously, you'll also want to go into why Hamlet changes in these ways.

-- catherine england (, May 25, 2003.

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