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I have this idea of organizing a night ride to Lubuk Tedung near Kemensah. I believe most of KLMBH riders has ride the trail before. The purpose of the rides is to know our fear of the dark and also as a gathering purpose for most of MTB riders.

I'm proposing the rides on the 21st June 2003 at 8.00pm. I'm expecting the cost to be around RM30.00 per rider, in which it will be use to pay for the trail maintainance, food and accommodation. The number of riders should also be limited to not more than 40 as to protect the nature trail and its surrounding.

Should this happen, I will get assistance for Kemensah Motocross riders to assist us in safety and other matters. I believe since this is only a moderate ride (about 2 hours) a lot of KLMBH and other MTB clubs would like to give it a try.

So for those interested to this idea, please give me a call as time are running short.


Nizam 012-2170810

-- Nizam Ibrahim (nzmnns@tm.net.my), May 22, 2003


Hi Nizam,

We've sent an e-mail out to the KLMBH mailing list about your Night Ride and hopefully you'll have enough interested riders to organize the ride. All the best and Happy Trails.



-- Fuji (nfb1234@yahoo.com), May 29, 2003.

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