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I am in the process of starting up a coffe shop. I would like to know what the average price of coffe and expresso at wholesale is. I would Also like to know some suppliers of wholesale coffe and expresso.

-- Randy Terrell (artisian321@yahoo.com), May 22, 2003


Hi Randy:

I am in the process of opening a coffe shop in st. louis, mo I have come across a guy here who imports high quality coffe from nicaragua. My cost is between 1.50 and 1.75. I know that you can get cheaper coffe out there, but most of the lower cost products are from veitnam. If your want more info e-mail me at alk@danieljonescpa.com


Al K

-- al kirchhofer (alk@danieljonescpa.com), May 25, 2003.

Dear Sir,

We are the supplier of rosted / powdered robusta coffee from Indonesia.Should you are interested please contact me at this e-mail address and I will attend to your enquiries.

Currently our roasted special coffee is selling at U$ 5.00/kg F.O.B. Lampung. We can also grind the coffee.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Regards: Ms Rina Director Cv. Akson Indonesia

-- Ms Rina (coffeetea_spices@yahoo.com), May 30, 2003.

Coffee is a lot like wine: so the average price of a bottle of good wine or of plonk? For a 100% arabica fresh espresso expect to pay between US$3 - $5 per pound in medium volumes (say 10 - 20 boxes).

-- Mark Dingman (freshroasted@btinternet.com), September 01, 2003.

I personally support Mark Dingmans response. The value you seek for your establishment is of utmost importance. You can acquire some very inexpensive beans but recurring gourmet customers will undoubtedly know the difference. Withh Gourmet Coffee selling for several times the price of inferior varieties relative prices are better quoted on specific crops. I am a new importer of pure premium Gourmet Tarrazu our roasted wholesale price is $3.15/LB in small to medium lots.

-- Will Gonzalez (Will@CasonaCafe.com), September 13, 2003.

We have green coffee or roasted coffee available to supply all youre needs, it fresh as it comes directly from our farms we sell at about $3.50-$4.00 a pound plus shipping and handling. I would like to send you a sample if you need to. Our coffee is from El Salvador

-- Gerardo Gutierez (ggutierrez@intelident.com), October 10, 2003.

Hello Randy, A very good question and I have enjoyed peoples answers. We are Australian Based so I can give you Aussie prices on comparison. We deal in Specialy Arabica Coffee from Papua New Guinea. This Espresso is grown at an elevation of 5000 mtrs and stems from the original Jamaican Blue. All our coffee is Organic or Pesticide and Chemical free. W/sle Bulk rates (minimum order in place) are Aust$16.oo per kg for Organic Dark Roast Beans and $20.00 per kg for Original Blue Mountain Gold Coffee. We are www.mauntenkofi.com........Enjoy

-- Steve Honey (kofi69@bigpond.com), March 28, 2004.


-- Nathnael Damtew (ricknati@yahoo.com), July 03, 2004.

I have a coffe shop in Brazil, and in my opinion we have here the best coffe in the world, the brazilian coffe. best reguards.

-- Fernando (feabrao@uol.com.br), July 27, 2004.

Hi Randy, Five Senses offer premium quality roasted coffee at USD8.55 per kilogram FOB Fremantle seaport Australia for bulk purchases over 5,000 kilograms shipped in 1 x 20 ft container. The shipping cost to port is generally around US$0.35 / kg depending on the port you need shipped to (this is main port estimate). This is for a very top quality coffee. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to revert.

-- Shannon Rowe (shannon@five-senses.com.au), September 20, 2004.

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