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A few months ago, there was a post regarding headlight covers for the MV. The only one that I could find was made by Cycle Venture. The fit was terrible and I couldn't use it. However, I recently found something in my Griot's Garage catalog (wwwgriotsgarage.com). It's a clear adhesive vinyl which is 23mils thick. Supposedly it can withstand a pellet shot from 20 feet. I bought a 10"x16" sheet for $22.95. I applied it in two sections; the top half, then the bottom half, due to lip across the headlight. I then cut around the edges with an exacto knife. It went on fairly easily, and you can hardly tell that it's there. I had enough left over to do it again if it gets chipped up. I have no connection to Griot's Garage, but found a great solution to trying to replace a broken MV headlight, and thought I should share it.

-- john milotzky (jmilotzky@wi.rr.com), May 21, 2003


Good thinking man, I actually still have the original clear vinyl on my headlight, its starting to peel at the edges so will soon be replaced with similar (UK) product.

-- Daniel Webb (danny@webb.voicenetsurf.net), May 21, 2003.

Great idea John. Have you noticed the MV Agusta pictured it the pages of the Griotís Garage catalog? Iíll let you in on a secret. There are three red and silver MVís owned by people at Griotís Garage. Those guys are not just car crazy but bike crazy as well. One of the new summer catalogs will have an F4 featured on the cover. Keep an eye out for more motorcycle related stuff from Griotís Garage. Feel free to forward any product suggestions (www.griotsgarage.com). I know first hand that they are always looking for new and interesting products for guys like us.

-- Tim W (provamo35@hotmail.com), May 25, 2003.

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