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My husband was convicted conspiracy to sell cocain. He is currently serving 19 months in prison, and is suppose to be deported after his sentence is over. My question is should we hire a lawyer and try to fight this, or is there nothing we can do since it is a drug charge? The immigration officer said it would be a waste of money and advised my husband to take a voluntary deportation and file a wavior in Mexico, instead of going in front of a judge in immigration court.

-- Kim Vergara (, May 21, 2003


Hi, Your immigration officer is correct. Automatically thats a aggravated felony and there is no way out of that one. By law they will definetly deport him. Don't waste your money. I am in the same situation my husbands first offense he served 13 months in prison and now he is immigration detention and his charge is a gun offense and I wasted my time and money. 5 out of 100 cases wins in immigration court. The rest don't. The immigration laws are very harsh. Even if the offense is not a aggravated felony, they will turn it to agg. fel. So no chance.

-- sarah (, October 30, 2004.

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