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I am looking for a 6~7 ft espresso cart. Please email me with details and photos. Thank you.

-- Mandy Yu (, May 21, 2003


I have a Piaggio vehicle with a Coffee machine for sale, brand new. (unregistered)

I have converted it myself (qualified engineer) this is high spec and a unique vehicle. It has been converted to run on gas which is in a built in tank (no bottles) the coffee machine also runs off the same gas supply again no bottles and no noisy generators the power is provided by an 800 watt inverter which provides 240v from the 185a/h batteries which is more than enough to run the pump on the coffee machine, the coffee grinder, 2 lights, and a fridge for keeping the milk cool (also can sell cold soft drinks and sandwiches from this fridge)

I am interested in selling this vehicle or leasing it to you (with the lease option you will get my detailed cash flows for your financial backers)

Or indeed I will build to your specification my phone number on receipt of your reply Regards Carl

-- carl Studley (, May 25, 2003.


I emailed you, but it came back. I have a nice cart for sale if you're still looking: http://member (pictures and description) Let me know if you have any questions. Kind regards, Ms. Guin White

-- Guin (, May 31, 2003.

I have a espresso cart that is fully equipt with Rinaka Plus (double),grinder, double sink, double refridgerator, holding tanks for both fresh and waste water. It is 6ft.long perfect condition & 220 volt. Let me know if interested I have pictures. Thanks, Linda.

-- Linda Bay (, June 02, 2003.

I am looking for an espresso cart but will want to have a canopy to keep dry in the winter? Any suggestions. Also not sure if I want to buy yet as I want to see if it will go over well so looking for a place to lease one?

-- Cleo Petra (, October 26, 2003.

Please take a look at our web-site : We sell custom carts. the color you like, the way you want it.

-- Egon P. Einoder (, December 07, 2003.

Apollo Carts at makes 6 & 7 foot Espresso Carts for indoor or outdoor locations. The web site has pictures of a wide variety of carts and occasionally used carts.

-- Glen Kerf (, February 14, 2004.

Hi. Looking to lease an espresso cart for farmer's market. Would love for it to have a refrigerated compartment to keep ice for cold coffee. And a waste water tank would be wonderful. I'm in the Chicago, Illinois area. Thanks!

-- Fayez Butt (, April 05, 2004.

Hi I'm looking for a espresso cart for my Church in southern California. I will be set up in the foyer. Please E-mail Photos and prices.

Thank you. Paul

-- Paul Krause (, April 26, 2004.

I have a very nice espresso cart, the details are listed under the spearhead design at you should see it in person, it's going to wow your visitors.

-- Brian Millar (, May 30, 2004.

Hey, going to try and set up a hyperlink to the site through this to make it easier for the readers:

-- Brian (, May 30, 2004.

I have a 2000 Astro van completely converted with 3 group espresso machine, 2 refridgerators, grinder 2 sinks grey and clean water tanks. Fully contained, makes a lot of $, daily routes, and special events. only 27,000 miles on van. E-Mail me, I have 3 drive thru's and am to busy.

-- kari Chapman (, January 06, 2005.

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