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Hi MV owners,

I came across one for sale and I was toying with the idea of joining the family. Hope you guys can help me out.

Also, is there any technology which makes the engine stand out from the rest? Ie ducatis desmo valves. I read that the MV uses radial valves. Is that essentially the difference between it and other In line 4s? In other words can a Inline4 adapt mech work with the MV without having to bring it to the dealers? Esp when the dealer here is very incompetent with fixing MVs

Pls include any info about the possible problems/differences between the 2000 , 2001 and 2002 model

I've read bike not starting (the worst of the lot), fuel pump problems, neutral light problems and a few others.

Any info will be greatly greatly appreciated in helping me decide on my bike.

Many Thanks, Mike

-- Michael (, May 21, 2003



Radial valves contribute to improved torque in the low to mid range thus the MV's relatively flat torque curve @50lb/ft. If you buy one need a specialised mechanic of at least Ducatti level to service it.

The ORO model was the least successfull otherwise the F4 is very reliable, I had no problems at all but to a leaky shim in the water pump (8000miles).

If you getting a 2000 model (EVO-1) is the least powerful, all factory recall mods should have been carried out, like front brakes, throttle bodies and dual raditor. A full dealer service history is essential.

2002 brought about EVO-2 slightly more power (130BHP claimed) and the 2003 EVO-3 is the most powerful @142BHP claimed.

You realy need to surf the net to get a better idea of the differences betwwen the various models.

Any MV F4 from 2000 onwards is a brilliant bike to own, admire, spend your hard earnt on and most of all ride like you stole

-- Daniel Webb (, May 21, 2003.

Best to have second bike in the garage...just in case.

-- dm (, May 21, 2003.

I've had a 2001 for over 2 years (and 6000 miles), and the only problem I've had is a leaky oil filter, but that was more than a year ago. They've since made a change to the filter design and mine has been trouble free.

I also have not had the front brake upgrade done yet, and may not. While the front may not be the strongest brakes you can buy (though they're far above average), I like the feel and am afraid of giving that up in exchange for more stopping power.

My MV is my only bike, and I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again. So don't worry, just buy it.


-- Brad Cowell (, May 21, 2003.

I've done 30,000k on my 2001 without any real problems. One trip was over 21 hours with only petrol stops without any issues. Only bearings and other things that need replacing after a few miles which were all picked up during the services.

I'd wait for a 2003 if you can, otherwise go for a 2002 as it will have all the recall items done as standard and comes with the better motor than the 2000/2001.

-- Matt Thompson (, May 21, 2003.

I have had both a 2000, and 2002 MV F4S.

My 2000 MV was quirky - had water pump leak from the first mile. By 1000 miles, everything was squared away - meaning pump was fixed, new brakes were on (helped performance a bit...), and all recalls were done. There were a few things on my 2000 that really annoyed, and that 2 dealers were UNABLE to fix. 1. My neutral light stayed on no matter if I was in gear or not. 2. My kickstand snapped in half TWICE. Damaged on the lft side of the bike the first time. The first time MV covered it and helped me out. The second time (was after I traded it in from frustration in getting parts...) was at a dealership and the guy standing next to it caught it. MV refused to replace the stand the 2nd time.

I traded the 2000 in and bought an R1 to pass the time. What a terrible machine that was. I'll tell you this, once you've ridden and adjusted to an MV, no other bike will do. The R1 was gone with 30-day tags still on it.

I bought a 2002 F4S from Palm Beach Ducati Triumph and shipped it up to Ohio - it has been the most reliable perfect machine I've ever owned. The EVO-2 motor is smooth and responsive - better torque it feels than the underpowered 2000 motor. I don't have many miles on the bike, but it is a great, great bike. Wouldn't trade it for the world... insurance is reasonable too.

-- Jeremy Riga (, May 22, 2003.

Thanks for the great replies.

Has anyone heard of a 2000 model that was not affected by the recalls? hard to believe but that's what a dealer is telling me now.


-- mike (, May 24, 2003.

"The EVO-2 motor is smooth and responsive - better torque it feels than the underpowered 2000 motor...Wouldn't trade it for the world... insurance is reasonable too." - Jeremy.

I really agree with Jeremy. I also had a problematic 2000 model, which was crashed and then got a 2002 model. The EVOII (137hp vs. 124) is noticeable more powerful through out the rev range and is more smoother. I haven't realy had any problems on the 2002 that weren't inadvertantly cause out of my own carelessness (fuel leak due to broken coupling due to bad restallation of tank.) In the 15 months and 5,300 miles I've had mine, it's been a joy to ride...and I use it for work, a track day, and for canyon riding.

I would recommend a 2002 over the earlier models as Cagiva has had more time to work out the bugs. Also, there's a 2002 in Seattle that's for sale ON CYCLETRADER for $15,000 and NOT eBay. I think shipping is included. I'm sure you may have seen the earlier post with links, so I won't go into detail about that here. But I have to say, that $15K for a 2002 is a very good price...and hope it doesn't start a trend of price lowering on MV's. I'd like him to sell it soon so we can go back to the standard $16.5 to $16K for a 2002. Someone, please buy it!!! ;) (humor intended)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizon) (, May 24, 2003.

hi folks, I got myself a 2002 model f4s about two weeks ago and must say the bike is far better than I had imagined.Above 6000 revs the general induction howl is brilliant power comes in and she handles better than the jap bikes.I ride out with jap 4's mostly blades etc and through the corners if have an advantage...go ahead get one you. bi p.s. I also have a good local dealer.

-- philip stevenson (, August 26, 2003.

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