Ev02 Dead as a door nail

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Wondered if anyone had any ideas on this. The other morning I started my EV02, it was cold and I hadnt bothered to click the little choke button on so it spluttered out. Not a problem usually, but it then would not restart, its in neutral, side stand up or down, the starter button gives me nothing. Everything else is fine, fuel pump whirring, all lights on etc. I had it happen once when I was out when it wasnt quite in neutral even though the N light was on, I corrected that via going into first and back into neutral, this time nothing. Anyone had any problems similar?

-- Andy (andy@homedesk.demon.co.uk), May 21, 2003


Possibly a loose battery terminal. Exact thing happened to me and that's all it was.


-- Pete hughes (pete_mvagusta@yahoo.com.au), May 21, 2003.

Check the 2 ( ! )Ground Wires at the Battery. After a Battery Change i overlooked one of these cables and had the same trouble you have.

good success


-- Werner Bernreuther (Werner.Bernreuther@t-online .de), May 21, 2003.

I had a similar problem & although the bike was in neutral the green light was not on. Gave the gear lever a nudge & it was OK.

-- Tony Hilson (thilson@talk21.com), May 22, 2003.

Thanks for your answers guys. I've had that neutral light thing before but all the playing with the gear change in the world wasnt making the bvgger start! I tried it the same evening and again, all powered up but no starter. I went away and sulked for three days. It then fired up first time! And has done since.

I have had a quick wiggle of the battery leads since, and wondered if that was the cause. What do I have to do to get anywhere near the negative terminal of the battery? Some stupid bvgger has put a fuel tank on top of it!

-- Andy (andy@homedesk.demon.co.uk), May 23, 2003.

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