Anyone interested in buying a 2002 #24/50 special parts f4 : LUSENET : MV Agusta F4 : One Thread

This special parts 2002 is just beautiful, and has the official MV titanium exhaust and special chip, along with other added features. If interested, please let me know. This is 24/50. Purchased in August of 2002.

-- Marcia Setter (, May 20, 2003


Does it come also with the full red fairing? and standard bits or is it only the blue grey? Does the VIN number show a 2 before the V, because I have not seen a special of 2002 yet. difference would be the 128 instead of the 137Hp. What is the price you are thinking of?


-- hb (, May 21, 2003.

Where is the bike located?

-- Robbie (, May 21, 2003.

This bike has 1,000 miles on it, and it will not be rode any more. Oil changed at 500 mi. and again at 1,000 miles. EVO2 motor. 2002 bike. Extras are: Competition header, titanium exhaust, computer chip, carbon fibre heat shield, and adjustable foot pegs. All MV Special Parts. No after market parts.

-- Marcia Setter (, May 21, 2003.

Where is the bike located? and do you have pictures? Price?

-- Scott Webb (, May 28, 2003.

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