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If you had the chance to start your owm commune ie intentional community would you? Would you join one that already exist if it was for the cause? or just for your own mental well being and disaassociation with society?

-- Peter the rabbit (just_another_person_20@yahoo.com), May 20, 2003


Id haft to say in response to you previous post to my comments earlier, and to this 1. Frankly yes i would join any kind of community that discontinue any, and all association(sp?) with the current forms of government.

It would be almost impossible to do something like this though without a huge ammount of support. You would need lots of capital to even get started. Not to mention that it would be almost impossible to attain, and maintain anything of this sort on the mainland of the continents.

To make something like this work one would need a few hundred,or maby a few thousand people all content on making something like this a reality. Scientists, laborers, computer tecs, and what ever other profession you can think of all comming together to do something like this. Can you imagine what kind of wakeup call that would be to the governments of the world. A such group of people all working together white, black, chinese, dosnt matter all working together to attain a common goal of escaping anything that has to do with the common SYSTEM of controll they currently possess.

Thats exactly what you said the world is controlled by a 2% populace, those with massive ammounts of money.My point is that i dont think there needs to be this type of controll. I myself think that people are smart enough that they do not need nor want this controll that the governtments have over them. If they had a choice between a society such as were talking about, and the current of there living? Well anyone with children would want a chance to try it anyway.

Well anyway 1 person could not accomplish anything of this sort, it would take a combine effort.A lot of people wanting to move to lets say.. An Island of fair size for lack of a better idea at the moment.The chance for these people to move to such an island develop it with complete internal power,computer systems ,houses , and shops.Everyone on this island trading an honest days labor( what ever that might be from computers to laborer)for a nice little home, and food to eat. Schools for the children, parks to stroll, or what ever else form of intertainment. The community could run itself. No police force. As there would be no economy in this community i doubt there would be any need for 1, or a leading party /group for that matter. Community decide what they want for themselves.

If everyoe were working together, no 1 striving to reach control of the rest, and finding ways to keep the governments of the rest of the world at bay.Anyway i could go on rambling.Instead ill close out for now with saying. This would haft to be a combine cause of many people. People barring race/religon/what ever else that people fight over.

-- Matthew (vanyel1@charter.net), May 20, 2003.

Ok i agree with the immpossiblity of it but you have to start somewhere. That somewhere doesnt have to be off on an island. an island cant withstand a sea. it would have to be international But with out the kind of support such as all those that want a chance what good is it? we have to start somewhere tring to reach our goals one at a time. disassociation from government isnt possible. But disassocition from all resources would be. If we had many intentional communities trading resources. Anything from peantbutter to soap so long as everything we need is accounted for. A group of international communities opperating world wide on the bases of promoting one world free of wealth and poverty. were resouces are shared between communeities depending on who needs what. My point is that you have to start somewhere. You just cant talk about it there has to be somekind of movement toward our goals. So my question is would you be willing to join one that already exist. For the purposes of helping the dream.

-- Peter the rabbit (just_another_person_20@yahoo.com), May 20, 2003.

No thanks, I might need a pacemaker or brain surgery some day.

-- 2 (1@3.4), May 21, 2003.

Yes I would like to start my own community and am taking time out everyday to think of ways to make it happen. A place where monetary power doesn't exist is not a far-fetched idea, and people are living in places like this all over America right now. But I believe this movement can be bigger if all of the self-sustainable communities with like-minds join together. If everyone works together I know we can make an impact on our society so great that our government will take notice in a good way and will want to mimic our ways, and in- turn change the way our system works now.The system currently in place has it's flaws, but our government allows for us the freedom to change it.It can be done with a lot of faith and hard work.

-Dreaming of a better place for all in Ohio

-- Ferngirll (Ferngirll2000@yahoo.com), July 21, 2003.

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