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Why is the Giant NRS 3 for other countries is different from the Giant NRS 3 in Malaysia? The specs of the local model is rather low quality compared to the one in USA and the frame looks different. The Malaysian model has the Giant logo embossed.

Is RM2,600 for a malaysian Giant NRS 3 model worth it?

Please advise.

-- Gan Cheng San (, May 20, 2003


The only difference between the entire line of nrs bikes is in the specs. I own a 2002 nrs which I bought as a frameset for RM2,300. If you aren't into hucking then it is a frame that's good enough for racing as well as trail riding. It offers bob free climbing and 3.75 inches of travel for a relatively drama free descending. Some models offer two travel options (from 3.5 to 3.75 inches) which I believe isn't available to the American market. The embossed logo is merely to cosmetically differentiate the model from a 2002 version. At RM2,600 I can imagine the spec to be quite low end, but you get a lot of bike for that money. Most comparable named brands can't even offer you a frame for that kind of money. I say go get it and save your money for a nice pair of forks which I suspect will be about the 1st thing you'll need to change.

-- amir (, June 04, 2003.

Rm2600? what is the specs for the bike? I just bought a Giant NRS 3 2004 model recently. It cost me Rm2650. It came with a Rock Shox Judy XC (it sucks and I might change it to Marzocchi Dirt Jump III), Shimano Deore Set, Full Disc Brakes and Michelin Tubeless tyres. I have to spend an additional of Rm1600 for the latest XTR set, Race Face crank and crank brother's clipless pedal. If you want to have a look at the picture of my bike, feel free to ask. oh ya, one useful advice, the rear shock works perfectly and I think I will keep it :P

-- Jin (, December 09, 2003.

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