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The two ACL coaches that were part of the "City of Miami" consist, 247 and 248, were smooth sided and painted to Illinois Central colors of orange and dark chocolate brown, with a yellow stripe and yellow "CITY OF MIAMI" on te letterboard. My question is about the "ACL" letters and the car numbers. In Larry Goolsby's excellent publication, ACL Passenger Service, The Postwar Years, he states on page 119 under the L-3 scheme, that the ACL and the numbers were black. I understand that the IC practice was that the numbers or car name were in the same chocolate brown as the car and were located in the orange band. So, which is correct ?

-- V. Roger duPont jr. (, May 20, 2003


The ACL drawing P-371 Issue B dated Oct 26, 1950, shows the initials and numbers to be Brown

-- Ron Dettmer (, May 20, 2003.

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