Durst RS35 Manual

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to this Photo Developing process, I just bought a Durst RS35 enlarger just try my luck on printing negatives, but unfortunalty, it didn't come with a manual, can any help please.

Regards George

-- George (georged@natfoods.com.au), May 20, 2003



Try reaching the Sales Dept.for Durst in Brixen,Italy. Their email is: info@durst.it and address your request to Rifeser Miriam. Perhaps they can locate a copy for you.

-- Winters (twinters@dal.ca), June 27, 2003.

Sorry I can't help with your problem.............

But i bought a 2nd hand RS35 way back in 1965, I was supprise to see some one buying one now... I guess they must have carried the name through the with the technical changes..

I still have my RS35. I wonder if its worth anything to a collector

Trevor Andrews Peterborough England

-- trevor Andrews (trevor@magicmagnets.co.uk), July 29, 2003.

How are you getting on with your RS35. Did you get a manual.. ?

-- Trevor Andrews (Trevor@magicmagnets.co.uk), December 20, 2003.

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