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I had an incident that only happens when you are a over 30 miles away from the nearest phone. I was coming down a straight away about a 130mph and the when I shut it down, the throttle stuck closed. After removing everthing but the airbox to get to the throttle body (we reomoved the throttle control grip) we could not find why it would not open. So we assembled the bike and I tried to see if I could get enough speed up to at least get it closer to the dealer and while massaging the grip (watch the jokes) it freed up. I then rode it the dealer. I called and they said that they could not find a problem. I was concerned that the throttle could get stuck wide open during the apex then ......? So I am concern what the trouble might be. Have any of owners have experience this before? 2002 F4S 2+2. Thanks Ray

-- RAY LORENTE (RAY1617@YAHOO.COM), May 18, 2003


It happened to me while the bike was not running. teh f*ckin kid played with it. I tried to spray WD-40 all the way and it did helped me.

-- dza (, May 18, 2003.

I had a similar problem; in my case the silly little choke cam inside the twist-grip mechanism got jammed too far around (even though it looked OK from lever on the outside)and wedged itself against the grip barrel.

It was just a matter of stripping it down, re-tightening the little screw on top, and re-assembling it - although it was quite a fiddly job and did take a few attempts to get right.

This was probably caused by riding away with the choke lever still in the warm-up position.

-- Senna 026 (, May 19, 2003.

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