I Need Disney;s MUlan Reflection URGENT

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I need Mulan's reflection for an exam coming up. plz plz e-mail me if u hav any idea where i can get it from.PLZ HURRY!

-- Katlyn Cauncan (kd_angel2003@yahoo.com), May 17, 2003


Now I won't fall for that!

Oh, jeez! I get so tired of this excuse! Don't you guys? I mean, "oh, it's for an exam!", "oh, it's for a contest or whatever!" or even "oh, it's a for a wedding!"! Ahhh, for crying out loud, it's getting old and people who really read these messages know it too. I mean, if it's for a wedding, performance (or whatever) or an exam, just buy it! A music sheet is only 5$ or less.

-- Daniela (fake_email_address@fake.com), May 24, 2003.

I do agree

but what if I live in thailand where dollars and enlish is not a available resource. a book is no problem but a music sheet? I assume you have a music sheet of the said song. could I kindly ask if I could just even have an intro or something to start with.. or a website that sell's this for 5$. Thanks.

-- Enrico (erealdaya@hotmail.com), October 05, 2003.

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