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The Anarchy form cannot have questions posed, and Anarchy II is private now. Can we pick on anarchists and illegitimate Catholic children here instead?

-- Michael Jackson (king of, May 16, 2003


Hey Mike, can't we get the password from KC or one of the other mods?

-- Gabe (, May 17, 2003.

I guess we could try, Gabe...who are the other mods? Do you talk to any of them online?

-- Michael Jackson (king of, May 17, 2003.

Homophobia is banned from this forum. As a gay man who enjoys having my rectum penetrated by Negro men, I should be able to talk about licking and sucking men's penises without being insulted.

-- Gabe (, May 19, 2003.

Quit posting as Gabe, Jake. You're NOT funny and you're not contibuting anything worthwhile with your perverted postings and sick impersonations. It's jerks like yourself that made AnarchyII into aprivate forum so we won't be subjected to your insanity. I hope you get banned and hacked! Have a crappy life Jake, you jerk.

-- Sinestro (, May 29, 2003.

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