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I am looking for a rowing club or interested people in Pensacola FL who row shells/ scull etc. also i am looking for a single maby double entry level boat to rent or own if cheep. any information on activities in the Great Northwest Florida area is appreciated...thanks

-- Hugh Platten (, May 16, 2003


Hugh Platten did find a used Pocock Wherry from a reader of this board thanks..... If anyone rows in Pensacola Please call me at 479- 1040...

-- Hugh Platten (, July 02, 2003.

Hugh wrote:

"I am looking for a rowing club or interested people in Pensacola FL who row shells/ scull etc."

Hugh, a friend and I in Panama City are up the same creek. We just bought used Little River Sprint and SeaShells and are trying to figure out how to make them work. We live in BAY County (99% water and no rowing shells!). The nearest rowing club is Tallahassee, I believe. She wants to start up a club for the Panhandle. There must be some real rowers who moved to our area recently to help us get started. Help! Stan

-- stan clark (, July 04, 2003.

I don't have a shell but if you are interested in starting a rowing club in the panhandle area I would be interested. I live in Pensacola and rowed while in college. Its been 3 years since then and I miss it...

-- Herb Williams (, July 28, 2003.

Ditto here. I will be moving to the Pensacola area in the next few months and was wondering if there are any rowers there. It's been years (over 20) since I did any rowing, and I am now feeling the itch for sculling. Please keep me informed of any developments. Thanks. Peter Mihailoff

-- Peter (, August 14, 2003.

Hello --

I see that the last posting was back in August -- has any progress been made since then in getting a rowing club started here in Northwest Florida? Please reply! Thanks.

-- (, November 09, 2003.

In the area for a short time - was hoping to find some rowing with all the water around here? Any luck with starting a club? thanks, lisa

-- lisa peterson (, December 06, 2003.

No club yet but i am maintaining a contact list ad have 7 people who have shown interest please keep posting if you would like to be included..thanks...hugh

-- Hugh D. Platten (, December 09, 2003.

Don't know where you'll find a boat in p'cola My wife and I live in Panama City formerly lived the Pace area. We were lucky enough to have purchased an Alden ocean shell(for her to learn in )and a Little River Marine "cambridge" from a local Kayak shop.They wre traded in on Kayaks! Closest club is in Tallahasse tried to E-mail them but got no response..twice.You might try Little River Marine's website they list used boats and I believe they will deliver the boat to you don't know what delivery costs would be, they are located in Gainsville. Imight also suggest Jennings Racing Shells in Orlando.Hope that helps.We would love to see a club here on the panhandle.let us know if we can help.James and Lauren Flanagan

-- James Flanagan (, December 10, 2003.

Hugh, You may also want too try Slashdance Canoes& Kayaks in Niceville Fl.They carry a recreational shell by Jaunautica of Italy.They also occasionally list on E-bay.The boat looks similar to,although heavier than the Alden Ocean Shell.Hope this helps. Cheers!

-- James Flanagan (, December 10, 2003.

I will be moving to Pensacola with the marine corps on Jan. 8th. I rowed for Grand Valley State University and would like to continue to row in a club/group. I have rowed 8's and 4's. WOuld love to learn how to do singles or pairs. Keep me posted.

-- Christie Ploski (, December 26, 2003.

Hi, I currently live and row in Washington D.C. for Potomac Boat Club. I grew up in Gulf Breeze and visit often. I would absolutely support a rowing club in this area. I'd be willing to help out if anything gets going, pls keep me informed. Thanks, Dena

-- Dena Hernandez (, December 28, 2003.

I am keeping a list of all interested people and will ad yours to the list...

-- Hugh D. Platten (, December 29, 2003.

its time to row... if you have a shell and would like to row together please contact me w 479-1040 h 434-6940 ,,, I mostly row on Bayou Texar on Sunday mornings but could row in late afternoon allmost any day...thanks

-- Hugh D. Platten (, May 12, 2004.

I am also in Panama City Beach and interested in rowing. Don't own a boat or have much experience, but fell in love with it in high school 10 years ago and haven't gotten to row much since.

-- Jill Hansen (, October 08, 2004.

Rowed in "8 boat" at University of R.I. It's been a while but the thought of getting back into it is great! Did you every get a group together!??

-- Karen White-Trevino (, December 19, 2004.

I am selling my 17' Pocock Wherry single with composit oars $850.00. a great beginning boat with car top carrier included. Boat is several yeas old but hull is in great shape everthing is in good working order.. please call 850 479-1040 day for more info.

-- Hugh D. Platten (, December 20, 2004.

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