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Hi Guy's Question concerning the sticker/emblem on the side fairing panel. When you look at the bike from the R.H.Side the emblem/sticker should read AGUSTA MV. But i have now seen two bikes For Sale that have it the other way around ie: MV AGUSTA which is the same as the L.H.Side. Would this be an indication of a repair and the wrong sticker/emblem fitted. Or have the bikes been supplied like this??. Any information much appreciated. Thankyou Dave.

-- Dave (martek@ntlworld.com), May 16, 2003


It is not out of the question that these bikes could have original paint work and the wrong sticker. However if the fairing was damaged to the point where the sticker had to be replaced, there would probably be good indication of damage on the inside of the fairing as well. So if you are really interested in the bikes, just ask the owner to remove the fairing for inspection. It will also give you pretty good indication about the condition of everything under the fairing as well.

-- Fabio (mvracer@kcplazasportbikes.com), May 16, 2003.


Since there are different part numbers for the left and right-side stickers, I would presume the individual had the stickers replaced incorrectly. It doesn't seem likely Cagiva would place the wrong stickers. Go with your gut feeling and inspect the inside of the fairing and the bike frame.

Good luck, Tony '00 F4S

-- Tony Perez (tonymvf4@aol.com), May 16, 2003.

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