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Hello my name is David and I would like to know if I can drop 5 or 6 second in one year practice very hard with 10 practice in the week and swimming around 100 KM in the week I swim know for USA swimming but I want to apply for a scholarship and the coach told me that I need to have 46 or 47 in the 100 yr free and 1:46 in the 200 and 21 in the 50 and my best time are 52 in free 23 in the 50 and 1:53 in the 200 so i would like to know if i can do it, I also want to know how many years I need for be in shape again I stop to swim for 3 years and now i come back one year ago i hope that you can help me also i hope that you undestand me i dont speak to much english, i have a nothe question my group practice 9 time a week monday wensday and friday we practice in the morning at 5:00 am to 7:00am and in the afternoon at 4:30pm to 7:00pm and tuesday thurday is off I would like to know if I can run for one ore tuesday and thursday and do weight too or is too bad for my body ok thank you very much I really appreciate.

-- (, May 14, 2003


It is more like to drop 6 seconds in the 200 than 100, These day's sprinters are a dime a dozen. If you can become a distance swimmer you be much more in demand by colleges.

James Ney T.O,P.I,C, Swimming

-- James Ney (, May 17, 2003.

well. with all the practice you do, its's probably not too hard for you to drop that time. this past year ive dropped about that much in almost every single one of my events and in long distances a lot more even. ive only been swimming about 3 yrs so my times r not amazing yet . but i've gotten a 100 yard free down to a minute from 1;09 which i had last year. so im sure u could drop the time you want to. and i run a lot too. and its only helped me get better. and weights are good too. but don't over do it cus you don't want to bulk up too much for swimming. but getting your muscles stronger by lifting weights is good. especially if u strenghten your arms and back. it gives you a really good pull. i hope i've helped you and good luck with getting the times you want to get. [by the way... ur times are REALLY good.. and your freestyle time is the same as the guys in the olympics because i was watching it 3 weeks ago]

-- dani starbinski (, August 06, 2004.

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