Ex GofG Combine Fort Mitchell

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I'm putting together the "Asheville Special" passenger train. Is there any HO scale passerger car that would be correct for the CofG combine "Fort Mitchell". An article in the January 1981 issue of Model Railroader magazine shows how to model the "Asheville Special" It recomends useing a Herkimer car. These extruded aluminum cars are'nt available anymore, and from what I've heard are incomplete in many ways.Any information about this will be most greatfully appreciated. The "real" Fort Mitchell is still around, running somewhere in Ohio. Thanks everyone, Rob Cashwell

-- Robert Daniel Cashwell (rdcsouthern@earthlink.net), May 14, 2003


A model of the Fort Mitchel is being produced and should be ready in the summer 2003. It will only be available from the CofG HS so keep an eye out at their website--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (ljpuckett@comcast.net), May 19, 2003.

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