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Im just wondering why is it that most of the best albums be laswell and com. are some of the hardest cds to find. Most of the stuff im looking for are out of print, boniche dub, outlands coll., transonic 1,2,3,. I mean i need these albums. Is it the stores or your need to make little coppies for the true fans to get. Also why is it that 99% of the stores (best buy, mediaplay, exc. only carry them on the web. Ive been all over and the only place i can really find laswells stuff is at used cd places. I dont mind paying for the music, I would rather give my money to laswell, he could use it for all that traveling that he does. not complaining just wondering, best music out the doors of perception are sure open to laswell. also if you could id love to know if laswell is an aldous huxley reader. thanks artdecay. p.s. if you want to go on tour laswell i play live drums, electronic, tablas, bulbultara (keyboard sitar) and keyboards. thanks

-- jarod oertel (artdecayone@aol.com), May 14, 2003


Mny of the albums you mention are available as MP3s for download at E- Music (Look under Robert Musso for the Transonic albums). OK that is no excuse for the fact that you can't buy them as regular albums. I agree that it would be nice to buy the genuine albums but Laswell is so darn prolific that most of his projects go out of print fairly quickly. I believe that the artists get paid by E-Music or it would have been shutdown long ago.


-- Chris Bursey (cippolina@btopenworld.com), May 14, 2003.

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