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Traveling on Route 92 between Haines City, Florida and Lake Alfred there is a rock quarry. I saw a switcher moving cars from the main line of CSX into the quarry. It was painted purple and silver, labelled "Atlantic Coast Line" and numbered 648. Is this a real ACL diesel engine? I am not dreaming.

-- Dick Kearns (, May 13, 2003


Dick - you are not hallucinating (this time). This is the real thing. Someone else will have to supply the details of the intervening history, but just before it went to work at this quarry (actually a sand quarry), it was owned by some museum in Fla. I believe they got it from SCL but I am not sure. Send me some photos if you got some good ones - the only shots I have of it are from the shady side, plus it was not working the day I saw it. Thanks -

-- Larry Goolsby (, May 13, 2003.

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