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Hello. I've read everything I can get my hands on. I've poked and prodded these poor birds so much they can't stand the sight of me! AND, this is only affecting my Golden Campines - none of my other poultry. Sympthoms are pale comb and wattle, loss of appetite, a seeming inability to move bowels (or, the loss of appetite is preventing there from being anything to move?), and apparent diziness (most recent and perhaps only being caused by lack of food) I've checked for egg binding. Crop just has a little gritty feeling to it. Bright eyes, perky and responsive to human speech. I've finally begun duramycin and Vit-al hand feed by eye dropper. Any suggestions? Please and thank you, Rachel

-- Rachel Workman (, May 13, 2003


Rachel, I am Karen Schifferdecker's daughther-in-law and I have been using some of your ointment that she sent me on the major cuts that my colt received earlier this winter. I have also being passing it around for my friends to use on their hands and they are interested in getting a list of the products use sell and the prices. Could you email something to me giving me this information. Your stuff has done wonders not for my horses cuts but for our split fingers and dry skin. Thank you for you time.

Sincerely, Kelly Schifferdecker

-- Kelly Schifferdecker (, December 24, 2003.

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