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Has anyone replaced there counter shaft sprocket on there 02' F4? If so, where did you get one? I just recently found out that the 00' and 01' F4's had 14 tooth sprockets and my 02' came with a 15 tooth that is off set. I bought one of the 14's thinking that it would work and change my gearing but the sprocket was different. The 14 wasn't off set and caused my chain to hit a bolt and a part of the engine case while moving. My guess is that the counter shaft is a little longer on the earlier models which allows you to use that sprocket. I tried numerous dealers, Sprocket Specialists, Fast By Ferracci, Renthal, and "AFAM", who is where I bought my sprocket from and I can't find the 15 tooth off set sprocket that I need. Any help in some direction would be greatful because I'm going crazy not being able to ride my MV :( It's been a week and a half, I'm not coping with this very well.

Thanks, Steve

-- S. Criscione (, May 13, 2003



as I was looking into and reasearching changing the gearing, my dealer relayed that their sources recommended against the smaller than 15T conter shaft sprocket for anything short of use on the track due to the significant change of radius and the resluting increase in chain wear. The MV spa site has the 14T listed. I've opted for a two tooth jump up on the rear and to deal with the geometry changes as part of the change out. If I find any thing magic in the change I'll post up the data...won't get to it for at least a couple of weeks. :)


...looking for a little bit more stomp...

-- Scot Hennon (, May 13, 2003.

The same thing was noticed by us. We normally recommend a rear sprocket replacement anyways. The reason been is reduced load on the chain and countershaft sprocket. Going with a quick change carrier like the STM unit allows gearing on the bike to go as high as 44 teeth in the rear. Most customers find that the 43 setup is more than suitable.

-- (, May 13, 2003.

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