Where to buy a new Cory glass coffee pot

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I know Cory is in Chicago, but where can one buy one (glass vacuum)I can not come up with a store that sells them...help....

-- David Penttinen (wa4rlk@ij.net), May 12, 2003


Cory went out of business long time ago -- no "NEW"ones available except what you might find listed in "mint condition" or "like new" on places like ebay.com or other such places on the web. They are on the "collectible" catagory, almost "antique'. I got one of the Cory gasketless models with platinum stripe decoration at a local antique mall for $32.00 without the glass rod filter in it, and slightly scuffed on the bottom part.

-- Carolyn Leslie (IBJoy@webtv.net), May 15, 2003.

This is an afterthoght to the first reply I sent -- new glass vac pots may be found on Amazon.com -- I bought a new BODUM Santos through them, and didn't have to pay s & h. Also, there is the Yama, available on the web through Sweet Maria's and also through Baratzo (?) comparable in price to the Bodum Santo.

-- Carolyn Leslie (IBJoy@webtv.net), May 15, 2003.

I have found New In Box Cory Vacuum pots on ebay. Range models sell for around 75 bucks while the ones with the ceramic stove run about 125.

-- Dan Eaton (danielreaton@comcast.net), January 29, 2005.

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