I'm lookin to buy sum weed..... holla at a sista!! lol

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yo i wuz jus seein in any of ya'll would respond....I search weed on google and i got this weird azz site lol holla peace

-- Jenny!!! (caramel_complextion@mail2doglover.com), May 11, 2003


yo i'm feelin ya. I wanna buy some weed to.lol.Hey holla back if u wanna

-- marcus jones (twism222@aol.com), May 18, 2003.

Yo if ya wanna buy some weed, just holla at mine email... Ronnie_dushi@hotmail.com

-- Ronnie M. (Ronnie_dushi@hotmail.ccom), June 07, 2003.

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-- Your Full Name (Your Email Address@greenspun.com), June 23, 2003.

You guys are stuped azz fools, might as well carry a sign on your dumb ass that says hello, i am a stupid ass herb smoker and am looking to illegaly purchase marijuana for smoking and selling purposes. Both of you are the dumbest smokers i have ever encountered! and i have seen some dumb smokers do stupid things but you 2 take the cake, I hope your dumb ass' get caught... P.S if any of you smokers out there have a BUD leaf sticker on the back of your car window, you are also considered a stupid ass Smoker! Might as well drive around with a sticker that says "I just might have some Marijuana in my possession would you like to pull me over and search me?"

DUMB ASS' Done smoked your common sense away! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

-- Gotcha DTDIS (Blazen76@hotmail.com), June 28, 2003.

U know ur a dumbass hater! why do u click on da shit if ur gunna go off like that? fuckin loser u must not have a life if u have time to write all dat bullshit please explain to me how i smoked my common sence away if there is no way for anyone to find out who i really am........hmmm DUMBASS

-- Jenny!!!(one who posted) (caramel_complextion@mail2doglover.com), July 04, 2003.

yo biznatches what's up in da hizhouse???? woot woot i smoke da reefer to be high and fly, know what i'm sayin niggahz? me n ma dogz, we smoke all die and all night, and we be high 24/7 yo know what i mean? it coo it coo... so like any hot chix wanna get2getha for a ride on da throne, hollah back ya hear! peace!

-- Shaq (XxcompanyxX@company.com), July 28, 2003.

yall dumb ass niggaz aint got shit else to do do ya?

-- big C from tha3 (pimpc@aol.com), July 29, 2003.

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