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Last Thursday (8th of march) someone helped themselves to my 02F4S1+1 from my garage. The alarm went off but I was too late to stop them from dissapearing in a white Transit type van. Bike was red/silver with Silmoto titanium exhausts, in showroom condition. They also took my DRZ400 which has since been recovered - in Barnsley, however no sign of most treasured posession. Police know who took it but all they'll tell me is he's from Barnsley and he's a little scum bag who steals bikes from the Derbyshire/Yorkshire area. Anyone offered parts or a bike please let me know and we'll nail him. Hope none of you out there suffer like I have over the past few days.

-- jim (, May 11, 2003


OUCH! that must suck. Dont you have a tracking system on it or something? Good luck finding your bike man. Hope its not fucked up or anything. That asshole deserves the chair for this.

-- haik (, May 11, 2003.

Jim's bike was actually stolen in the early hours of Friday morning 9th May. He's so distraught he doesn't even know what day it is!!! Hope someone out there can tell us something.

-- Rachel (, May 12, 2003.

How did the f*ckin prick know where to go for ur MV?Hope you find it soon in one piece.

-- Daniel (, May 19, 2003.

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