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With the following ages and average intelligence, how long should a person take to advance between the following experience levels. 1. Age 3

2. Age 8

3. Age 12

4. Age 18

5. Age 30

Beginner to Inter to Advanced to Pro

-- Donnie Robinson (Dystord2@lycos.com), May 07, 2003


How long should it take? Well, it should take as long as it takes! There's really no such thing as average intelligence. (see books written by Howard Gardiner.) How good is their eye-hand coordination? Ear? Ear-hand coordination? Coordination in general? Can they read words? Notes? Intervals? Play by ear? Sing? Feel rhythm? Do they have ADD? Dyslexia? Autism? Do they desire to play piano? Do they feel comfortable in front of an audience? Do they enjoy details? Do they listen to music? And most importantly--do they practice and do they have support at home? I've had all these types of students. I've had students who could read books well but had constant trouble reading notes. I've had students do 2 against 3 rhythm with only one demonstration, but others who understand the concept of counting but have no inner sense of rhythm. I've had students take 2 years to finish a Level 1 method book, but others get through Level 6 in 2 years. And everything in between. Setting up a timeline for the non-existent "average" student won't help you guage the success of your teaching method--instead, try to tailor the lessons to individual students, with all their varying talents, abilities and timelines, and enjoy their various stages of progress and the unique qualities each student possesses.

-- anon (noname_poster@yahoo.com), June 14, 2003.

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