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The unit is a 4 stop 5 opening elevaltor that intermittently fires all hall calls both up and down. I have all new style buttons, it will latch the calls with the hoistway disconnected via cpg board. The unit will then answer all calls and be alright for a while. I have changed i/o board and processor board and problem persists. One common factor I have noticed is it may be hapening on the y delta transfer. All wiring has been checked. This unit is way overworked avg. 90 starts an hour.97 room apt. bldg. only elevator

-- Robert Pillath (, May 07, 2003


Ascention 2000 is the one of the biggest heaps of junk known to mankind

-- dayle (, May 09, 2003.

I have to dissigree with you about the Ascension 2000 unit being the biggest pile of junk. Or have you forgotten about the Ascension 1000 ? lol

-- Richard (, June 17, 2003.

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