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The topic of this i am about to post sums everything up. To begin with i would like to tell everyone a little about myself. I am a simple man that asks a simple question. I do not believe in a god. I also do not believe in racism, or polotics, or anything that has any kind of accociation with the way the world works today.The subject of my question is money. The way the world the world is in this day and age of the human species.Everything in this world revolves around currency.The system in wich we choose to start wars, or take a human life on the street for his shoes.Everything is based on everyone wanting to be on top, head of the pack of sorts. There was once a man who had a dream of total human equality. This man was Adolf Hitler.Though most of his ideals where cruel and his methods crude he inspired many followers. This man had an ideal vision of the human race being joined into 1 force instead of many different onces biting at each others throats. Yes i admit that trying to clense the world of anyone that is different from you is insane.Not only is it insane but it isnt logical, plus it would b almost impossible if you tried.That being said so people wont think im trying to recreate his nightmare of cruelty. His ideal of the world being under 1 government is a very good and respectable ideal.Look at the world today what do you see? Today you see many different countries in the world fighting over who should have control over what and how they do it.This is mostly im part to MONEY and POWER. In our world today who ever has the most cash to spend is who are going to do what ever they want.IN this day MONEY IS POWER. You can influience the laws with money, you can even influence the government with the amount of money you are willing to spend to do it.This soley is going to be our demise of our own species. Not the countless creatures we have killed to extinction on this misserable little speck in the univerce but OUR OWN HUMAN KIND. The human thurst for power and wealth.To say on sort of a side note when i say the words HUMAN KIND i do not simply implay americans like myself no, not black, not white, not any color you can think of if you are purple i dont care i am not a racist person, but this is another topic for later discussion. Our species is the only in the history of this planet to have a concious mind of our surrounding, and of ourselves. Why is it that we are so short sighted as to not see where we are leading oursleves.Polution,war,money, and power the thurst wich drives every human on this planet is the one that they must have control over something.Either way we are killing our planet and thus ourselves.Think about it. There are many countries in the world that have the ability to wipe out civilization as we know it. The nuclear bomb is this ability. It wouldnt even take every nuke in existence wich i say are alot more than the governments of the world wouldhave us think. It would only take 1 for every major city on this planet. Quite possible less than that. The wind currents and the radiation left from the bombs would do the rest quite efficently. Think of this in a terms of WHEN not IF for as we go right now all that has to happen is 1 country simply think that they should be the dominating power of the planet, think that they alone would survive this holocost.Then whats next make a phone call then push a little red button somewhere and thats it end of civilization. Money this economy we think of as so important what purpose does it really server other than to create comflict? My oppinion it would solve a hell of alot more problems that it helps.Think of it without an economy there would be no reason for drug lords to sell drugs thus equil less addictions no profit this would simply put a stop to the drug problem so many cities and children face. Crime, there would be alot more deth from robberies the crime and deth rate would drop from just people wanting money thinking its a wayto power. There would be no more countries warring over how much it costs for what ever or how much it will cost to feed a few kids in some other country. No more power hungry polotics that think money is everything that if you have money you are better than the rest of the populace. No more ( classifications) on the human race as being poor, middle class, or rich, simply if you work for what you have. There would be hardly any more hunger because no one would haft to buy food anymore thus why go hungry.No im not saying that everyone should quit there jobs and go back t0 farming what they need. I am saying that the world could continue and more efficently if there was no econmy what so ever except the trade off that if you perform a duty of any kind ( ie a job of some sort) any kind of service you should be able to live comfortably. This would lead to deffinate population increase yes but think of the benefits.And then weight those benefits as to oppose the problems it creates. This would be the first step to aquiring world unity.World united is the ultimate goal.Not everyone under a single sole to decide what is best for everyone not everyone under a god.Many people believe that if you believe in a god then all is well. Well let me tell ya a little something on what i think of this. Dont get me wrong i dont have anything against anyone who studies and practices religion.But to me what is the use? If there ever was a being of such power to create the universe and everything that resides within. This being has long but abbandoned us.For what i say is if he did not and what the sermans and what not the preachers preach on sunday is true why in the world would such a being let the world and a race such as ours keep on as we are.Destroy expand Destroy some more greed, power, and ultimately destroy ourselves.Why if ther is such a being would he let a race that he so cares for accroding to the religon teaching drop so low as we could compare our race with parasites. Another thing people take for granted.People in the many nations of the world think that they have true freedom.The ability to influience what our governments do by voting on a single leader or body to rule them. If you think about it that is exactly what the governments do.They rule the populas no different from the Kings of old.Just as the churches rule in ther own way, the way we think influience you that you should give them money for god wishes it.One of my major questions of Why does a being that would be our god NEED MONEY.To do what so he can bild a few more million dollor churches. So the priests can live in comfort wile people starve in the streets.Why would such a being need people to worship him at all?Thus why do we need governments that rule instead of lead.Think about it for a minute. What influience does the voice of the populace have on any governtment? If we hold rallys opposing the actions of our government we are alot of tiems arrested and charged.The only thing the populace has control of is the next dictators they put into power over them.Governments should LEAD not RULE yes there is a difference.IF they were leading there would be no secrets, if they were leading why would they be the sole voices of how we should live our lives.Yes they do this by laws. You can go to several sites to list differnt laws of countrys states etc. MOST OF THEM ARE INSANE.Im not saying that stealing from someone is good or murdering or killing someone is good.Im just saying that most of the laws that these governments put into effect and inforce we could definately live without. If the world were to unite into a single voice instead of 1 voice in many.There could be momentus achievements.We could colonize space, never haft to worry about wars or wich country,race,gender,class is better. We would only have 1 sole problem on how to improve ourselves.Make life better instead of designing ways of destruction.The scientists of the world could unite on there various groups of what they study. Many many advancements could be made. No secrets from the other they could work together instead of trying to stay ahead of the competition. No matter what anyone says a single voice cannot change the world.What i have spoke of would take the entire species willing to put asside differencesof any kind and willing to work together as a sole voice.So again to the question that is so much common sense.

Why would the human race want to destroy itslef,at the rate were going it most likely will be in our lifetime if something isnt changed,so why would we choose to continue the way were are going?Why........?

-- Matthew Dockery (vanyel1@charter.net), May 06, 2003


Paragraphs please.

-- WesK (kinsler_no_spam@hotmail.commm), May 08, 2003.

I ask you this haveing ideas of the like. What do you as an individual intend to do about this. What can you do about it? We could using intentional communeities start a trade network so as to become independent of money but it all takes time and money to do this. Would you yourself consider moving into an intentional community? Why because 2% percent of the populace controls most of the money and they intend on keeping it this way. Man is an animal animals work in packs. Packs have alpha dominate males. Drugs are a means of control.

-- Peter the rabbit (just_another_person_20@yahoo.com), May 20, 2003.


-- antimatter (antimatter@yahoo.com), February 12, 2004.

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