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Dear Forum,

I am looking at the possibility of resistance welding a longitudinal seam of a cylinder made from welded mesh. The Welded Mesh will be bought in sheets, with a wire diameter of 1.2mm (both directions) and a square apperture of 10mm. The Welded Mesh will be rolled into cylinders (from 60mm diameter to 200mm Diameter) and will be slipped onto a pipe. The cylinders will be up to 1.2m long. After the cylinder is over the pipe, I would like use a Jig to pull it tight around the pipe and then to resistance weld the longitudinal seam of this welded mesh. There should be some exposed cirucmferential wires which will be under the longitudinal wire, providing intersection for the weld. The metallurgy will be 304ss and 316Lss.

What are the likely welding parameters (pressure, current, time) and do you think it is possible to accomplish the weld with a hand held roller ?

Do you know where such equipment can be purchased or a specialised company which may be able to help ?

Thanks for your assistance in advance.

-- Graeme Dowsett (, May 06, 2003

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