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i am after a rancilio lever machine. i am after either pre z8 or z9 models especially. also gaggia lever machines or parts. i am trying to restore some of these old beauties and need parts for them so machines in any condition would be great to hear from

-- george lee (georgele@deakin.edu.au), May 05, 2003


Hello George, I'm a collector of old coffeemachines and I have your name with google, 'cause I have looked for some informations for a RancilioZ8. I got one in a fantastic original state, single group, designed by M.Zanuso 1965. This one is build 1971 and comes from the Rancilio museum, where it was restored. New group, new seals and totally clean and absolutely original. It is to sell. It will cost 1750.-. If you are really interested, I will send pics. Perhaps I will sell other machines too in next time. No Gaggia, but Faema, Piccolobar, Carimali and some German models and rare professionell mills. Norbert

-- norbert schliebeck (barista@gmx.de), August 24, 2003.

I recently was given a old Rancilio machine from a friend who closed a restaurant.It is a lever machine but I don't see a model number on it and was trying to find info when I came across this web site.It maybe what you are looking for. It has two levers and is orange around the sides and back,also looks like it is set up to run on elec.220 or natural gas.drop me a line if you are interested or can direct me to how to find out what it is.please title your e-mail rancilio or I will probably delete it.

-- P.Lentz (spartanfire123@cs.com), September 01, 2003.

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