Low price bird, parrot, landscape, nude chinese woman oil painting supply

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Are you looking for low price oil painting source? If yes, we are the anwser......

Our art gallery mainly expert in selling parrot, nude chinese woman, chinese olden figures and landscape oil painting. We sell in low price , but with very high quality.

Also we are good at oil painting reproduction and portrait oil painting. As we have a lot of chinese artist to support the painting, we can handle a lot of reproduction or portrait oil paintings request.

We have been the oil painting supply in Hong Kong for about 12 years. And we have very large showroom in Hong Kong.

If you are the oil paint dealer or reseller or facility management merchandisor, you are welcome to deal with us for the low price oil painting supply.

If you want our paintings examples, pls visit our website at www.e-softtech.com/artgallery.htm

Or you can send email to us at webmaster@e-softtech.com


-- eric cheung (webmaster@e-softtech.com), May 05, 2003

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