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I've heard several rumours about the way that Captain Smith actually died. The first is that he went down with the Titanic while standing in the wheelhouse (as we see in the film) and the second that a woman saw him swim to her lifeboat, hand up a baby before vanishing beneath the waves. The third states that he was clinging to one of the collapsables but subsequently drowned. Does anyone know how he actually died?

-- Tristan Hankins (, May 04, 2003


He is one of the most captains to go down with their ship

-- Landon Matthew Rody (, June 08, 2003.

no one really knows, but, most likely he drowned in the wheelhouse.

-- Tommy Lynskey (, August 14, 2003.

According to the accounts in Jack Winocour's 'the story of the titanic according to it's survivors', Captain Smith was seen to have made it onto the overturned collapsible just after the ship became vertical, but the first funnel fell into the water just a few feet from the collapsible and a number of men were washed off into the water and never seen again. according to Harold Bride (i think it was him anyway!), he saw that one of these men was Captain Smith. This all may have been disproved by now though, i'm not sure.


-- Leighsa-Jayenne Searle (, October 01, 2003.

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