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I have just developed a roll of the new Delta 400 in 120 with HC110 dilution B (1:33) for five minutes. I rated the film at 200. The negatives look fine; I have not printed them yet. I am taking still lifes of flowers against a black velvet drop cloth. I am wondering if using a 1:66 1/2 dilution of HC110 for eight minutes per the film test data in Ansel Adams book "The Negative" would create better highlight separation. Also, I am using a 250 white photoflood about three feet away. Would moving the light further away provide better highlight separation?

-- Kenneth Williams (, May 02, 2003


I can't answer your questions, the only thing I know is D-76, Dektol, 400 tri-x, t-max, but I believe you oughta go for it in what you are tryin' to do! Hard to get responses on here, hope you get some now that I said that. Blue

-- john l. blue (, May 07, 2003.

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