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I am a 24 yr old who has taken over twenty half hour classes thus far. I am still in Alfred's first book (out of three) for adult beginners. I am almost 80 percent done in terms of pages, but the last 20 pages are the most difficult so I am not sure if that percentage is an accurate depiction of my progress. Anyway, I am trying to gauge the average time a person takes to complete the first Alfred's book. My teacher said the avearage is almost a year (after around 40 half hour lessons). Is this normal? Typically, I have only been able to practice around 2hrs per week plus the half hour in my lesson. I guess that isn't too good.

Also, After completing the three Alfred's books, would I be able to play any piece at all if its in front of me in notation?

Thanks to those who reply.

-- Anand (, May 02, 2003


I haven't taught from the Alfred beginner books, so I can't comment much on your progress there. But if your teacher says the average is a year for the first book, then it does sound like you're doing fine. Regarding your last question, "After completing the three Alfred's books, would I be able to play any piece at all if it's in front of me in notation?" Sorry to burst your bubble, but I've been playing for 25 years and I can't play any piece in front of me! (at least not instantly). I think you'll be able to play a lot of enjoyable, early to mid-intermediate pieces by then, but people spend a lifetime perfecting their piano abilities. View it as a challenge, not a detriment, that a huge world of more difficult piano music awaits you to keep your interest for years to come.

-- annie (, May 02, 2003.

I have also been using the Alfred adult series and am about finished with the first one. I have been practicing for about 9 months. I dont really look at it like Im done with the book as I tend to keep revisiting older parts of the book as I progress to try and re-enforce concepts as I learn.

I noticed that I was actually memorizing the pieces in the book which was not helping me very much, so now I use some supplemental books in addition to Alfred. Its working pretty well overall.

Good luck to you.

-- Kirkster (, May 05, 2003.

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