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My great grandfather is from Lafayette, in Chambers County, AL. I'm looking to research the history of the EA&C (C of Ga) branchline to Roanoke from EA Jct.(Opelika) as well as a very short lived competitor, the Lafayette Railway - or the Lafayette & Western - as well as the history of railroad activity in Lafayette, AL in general.


-- Buck Dean (bdean@auchter.com), April 30, 2003


Buck, This info is a little dated... I did some research on a non-rr matter around 1990. The Chambers Co CH had a pretty complete collection of the Lafayete Sun available for research. Maybe too available - was really starting to show wear & tear on older issues. My wife is from Lafayette - been meaning to look into CG and Laf RR history for 25 years. Now I'm in Arkansas, so can forget it. Good luck. David

-- David Harris (david.harris@atu.edu), July 28, 2003.

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