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-- robert funk (, April 30, 2003


where can i find a water basket for my spacemaker under the cabinet water basket.

-- Pam (, April 12, 2004.

Pam, Robert, anyone, if you've found those water baskets I'd like to know how.

-- Bruce Evans (, June 14, 2004.

Was calling around and found (in Kansas City). The guy I talked to said the reservoir is part# 127X and it costs $13. They will ship - don't know shipping cost yet. Good luck.

-- Rosemary Generali (, July 28, 2004.

The carafes sold by as replacements for the originals from Black and Decker (Item # 100z-BD) are not even close to being really compatible. The hole through the carafe plastic top has no ring around it to prevent coffee running off the sides, and the glass bottom does not have the correct shape to fit in the right spot on top of the heater, like the originals

-- Stephen Diggs (, December 23, 2004.

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