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Seeking help on locating plats, map, drawings, profiles, etc. of the trackage in Branchville from 1885-1925. Do any of these exist? Are these items in the VA Tech archives? Particularly interested in the narrow gauge Branchville and Bowman RR (1891-1926) and Smoak's Tramway (1884-1891). Thanks Joe Bartolini West Columbia, SC

-- Joe Bartolini (, April 29, 2003



I recently visited the VT archives, not researching the B&B, but the WNCRR, R&D, and Piedmont RR. There are only corporate minutes and stockholders minutes that I saw. Very good stuff, but no maps or drawings or anything like that. The B&B is an intriguing line! Good luck,

Matt Bumgarner

-- Matt Bumgarner (, April 30, 2003.

Joe, I have a little information on the Branchville & Bowman, including some track maps from the Branchville area. You can contact me through my email addressif you wish. Conrad Cheatham

-- Conrad Cheatham (, May 04, 2003.

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