HO SAL E 4/6 Nose Door Detail Parts

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I've seen that there are detail parts now available to ACL modelers to replace parts (Window and grill castings) on their E units to more closly match the ACL prototype locomotives. Was wondering if anyone is producing or is looking to produce similar parts, namely the front door detail, for the SAL's E 4/6's? I've seen magazine articles on how to make these parts in brass, but they require brass etching equipment and skills that I do not possess. I've tried to simulate the front door detail on the front of a Proto 2000 E 6 by scribing lines into the nose with a sharp hobby knife, with only marginal success. It looks okay from a distance, but up close it's pretty rough looking.

-- John V. Pasquariello (gtoad@optonline.net), April 28, 2003


Bill Basden with Delta Models has done a teriffic Proto 2000 ACL E6/E7 side and roof modification kit. He is interested in doing a SAL E4/E6 nose door insert. I'm dropping a note to Paul Falk to solicit information about prototype photos drawings etc.

-- Bill McCoy (bugsy451@bellsouth.net), May 01, 2003.

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