Harmonica tune--"Race Between Train and Model T" - Dayton, Tn

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I am writing a tune history for a novelty harmonica tune entitled "A Race Between A Train and a Model T," probably composed by Curly Fox. Fox was a very well-known fiddler, and a member of the Grand Ole Opry, who performed this piece on the harmonica. He always included a spoken introduction placing this race in either Dayton or Graysville, TN, about 40 miles north of Chattanooga. Has anyone heard any lore or history about this harmonica piece? It has been recorded by many others, but I believe Fox composed it, perhaps in the 40s or 50s, though the first recording I've heard in probably from the early 60s. He was born in Graysville in 1910, and speaks of the train as a steam locomotive. It had to be a Southern engine, correct?

-- Robert J. Fulcher (bobby.fulcher@state.tn.us), April 25, 2003

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