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I would like to give an update on my own year-long dispute with NATIONAL HOME LOANS/PARAGON FINANCE regarding my own shortfall debt from 1993 for 7000, as it may spur some people on to "keep fighting the good fight!" I have followed the instructions on this site to the letter, for the last twelve months - culminating in my having served a SARN notice and recieved everything, and more recently requesting terms & conditions of the MIG policy along with details of the policy as it was sold to me back in 1991. NHL at first continued to hound me for a payment agreement and letters came from many different departments trying to get me to telephone them to make an agreement. I refused each time and have continued to ask, via letter, for the information I have requested about the MIG. They have responded by claiming to have sent me everything already, etc etc... Anyway, the last time I wrote to them was on 14th February 2003 and all I did was ask (parrot fashion) for the MIG policy details as advised by this site. Despite recieving at least one letter a month since April 2002, I have not heard anything at all from them since and am hopeful that they have given up. At no time have I ever received a threat of Court Action, which leads me to believe that the speculations regarding the mis-selling of MIG policies in the early 1990's has to have some truth in it. I hope this helps anyone else making the same argument to their own Mortgage provider and wondered if anyone could advise me as to whether I should push them to settle for a pound (!) to see an end to this matter, or just leave well alone and hope they forget me?

-- Heather (, April 25, 2003

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