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we recently purchased baby chicks, and have been keeping them inside with the heat lamp and changing their bedding freqently. However, a few of the chicks have runny poop and it smells terrible. any ideas or suggestion as to what it could be? we would like to treat it with a homeopathic remedy if at all possible. thanks. sierra

-- sierra (, April 24, 2003


A good place to look for answers would be or or maybe try the articles section at That's the national poultry news. If that addy is wrong, do a google search for them.

-- Emperor Dirtclod (, April 25, 2003.

the same thing that is happening to your baby chick with the swollen eyes is happening to one of my babies. Well, it started out with what looked like an eye infection and I applied some Neomycin and Polymyxin opthalmic ointment on the one eye(wich I noticed is watery looking). Then today I noticed the other eye is rapidly shutting too, except this one looks like it has some goo. I applied the solution and put it on quarantine from the chicks. I believe they get these things from their own feces, it gets stuck to their feet, then they scratch their eyes. It looks like its health is deteriorating also, which I dont understand since they are on a medicated starter. I am not even sure if i have seen it eat or drink water, to me it looks like it cant even see. Did any responses come in for your problem? Someone please help. Thanks.

-- Jashira Mejia (, June 13, 2004.

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