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this is whats happened Well we had letters over the years just your treating ones to go to court if you dont respond. We went to the c.a.b and they said to forget about the letters and dont respond well later on in the year (2001)we were told to go and see a solicitor (Derek McConell former of bobbitts mackan)he went back and forth with bristol and west they said 6,000 pay in final and the end of it,well at that time we didnt have it but a member of family will help us now... Oct2002 B/West put a charging order on our house for the amount of 56,000 now on april 6th we went to court because they want to sell it and the judge agreed have to be out on the 6th june we will be street homeless we have put in for an appeal and pry to god we will get to keep our home didnt know in the beginning of this case that they may have acted badly and sold house cheap solicitor saked us once we said dont know that was the end of that what i now know through this web site that there could be a good chance of that is it too late to sevre the s.a.r.n on them and seek to see prove of reasonable sale price please respond as we are at a lost and welcome you advice thank you yvonne

-- yvonne (, April 24, 2003

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