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When I SARN, do I need to provide details of the repossesed property or should I ask for all the information they have about me and not mention the property? I'd rather not mention the property.

Also the solicitor said to go via them? Should I do that? or simply write directly to AN?

-- Dave (, April 24, 2003



You will need to advise the BS of the property so that they can cross reference all the necessary info for you. If the solicitor is acting for you in this case, it may be prudent to copy him in on the SARN letter and also ask for copies of the SARN info to be sent to them. This will allow you to make notes on your copy and present them to the solicitor for further investigation (he'll be able to refer to his copy and not to waste time asking for you to send the details to him. It'll also show that you have legal representation and are taking the matter seriously, ie sometimes the other solicitor will try to "hoodwink" people over shortfll claims by "distorting" the truth and the processes of court (after all solicitors are in court most of the time, you are NOT. They might "try" it on with your solicitor but if your man is sharp enough he will see through these attempts.

Good Luck & Regards


-- John (, April 24, 2003.

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